We want to tell you a tale you haven’t heard before. Once upon a timecard, there was a gal named Goldie Rocks. She was smart and industrious, but she was feeling unfulfilled in her well-paying job, so she decided to look for a change.

As Goldie was wandering through the web, looking for the path to a new career, she discovered opportunities that matched her skills but she wasn’t sure which one might be just the right fit. Then she saw Priority Staffing. She was intrigued… Priority Staffing specialized in placing candidates in companies where Goldie felt her skills would be valuable. The smart people at Priority Staffing listened to Goldie’s story and evaluated her skills, as well as discussed her passions and salary expectations. They indeed found several opportunities for her.

The first position was a six-month assignment in help desk support. Goldie worked well here, learning new skills with exciting people that she wouldn’t have met before. She experienced new help desk support systems, where she was able to use her customer service skills, and then transitioned into a database management project. This was a great experience for Goldie.

When that assignment ended, Goldie worked for a second company that needed help with HR systems projects. She first worked in benefits management, then in recruiting applications, and finally in developing training packages, which seemed just right.

Goldie’s third assignment was in the Special Projects Department of a company she had never considered. She worked first with marketing application responsibilities. Then she was advanced into a project management role, which was perfect. She fit right in with the demands of the job and the people around her. Goldie felt she finally found her career. And that great company had also found Goldie! They offered her a full-time permanent position — she accepted immediately.

Goldie is now rocking an awesome career training new hires in project management. She feels more fulfilled and more successful than she could have otherwise. And she lived happily ever after.

Priority Staffing helps candidates like Goldie Rocks discover and make informed career choices. While working in various companies and positions, she experienced different career paths and expanded her existing skill set. After all, everyone deserves the right chair.