It used to be that money equaled motivation. But millennials (Generation Y and, now Z) value much more than that. Studies show that money is no longer the motivator it once was. Companies like Google and Twitter have shown that company culture is becoming a way to hire and keep talent. At Priority Staffing, we have some suggestions for both our candidates and our clients.

Suggestions for Job Seekers & Employees

Employees now have to decide what matters most to them. If all offers are competitive, will they prefer a nurturing and welcoming work culture? Will they choose a creative workspace with the freedom to make decisions that help their work-life balance? Do they most want to feel appreciated and valued by at-work programs? Or will learning programs and education be the best benefit? There are good jobs out there that will provide job seekers with the company culture they are looking for as well as utilizing their skills.

Suggestions for Employers

Employers will find that if they value and utilize what their employees bring to the table, besides revenue, they are on target to increase retention, and recruit talented, motivated personnel. Studies show that 89% of managers think employees leave for higher salaries; when 80–90% actually leave for reasons other than money! Hiring an HR professional or internal communication specialist can help you create a culture that develops employee morale and motivation. Monthly and quarterly meetings with employees to check in to see how they are feeling at work is another way to raise awareness to any issues an employee may be having in the workplace. Yearly events or morale boosting activities are also a great way to have employees interact with each other. It is important to create relationships that motivate your employees while they are at work.

Making changes toward building a company culture that validates its employees and motivates loyalty can have huge rewards for both employees and employers — including increased retention, and attracting candidates whose skills and talents benefit your company.