Referral Program

Friends are rewarding in many ways! 

Amazing employees are the foundation of our success and when you refer new people, we all benefit! Find out how you can benefit from our Referral program! 

How it works:

It’s easy, submit your referral here:

Referral Program Rules and Regulations

// Referral (Referrer) Details //
    • Must be an individual person (i.e., not a business entity), with a valid social security number, maintain legal residency of the United States, and at least 18 years of age to participate in the program.
    • Agencies / 3rd party recruiters are ineligible to participate in the program.
    • Cannot refer yourself. 
    • Agencies / 3rd party recruiters and family members of internal employee are ineligible to participate in the program.
// Your Referral (Referred) Candidate //
    • Must acknowledge a current professional or personal relationship with the referrer and that he or she was referred by you.
    • Cannot be a past employee or past referral.
    • Cannot be a candidate that Priority has communicated with or that has applied to a Priority job opening within the past 24 months.  You will be notified within 2 weeks of submission if your candidate is ineligible for a referral.
    • Must sign a release allow Priority to relay employment hours worked to referrer.
    • Must work the 250 hours minimum within 12 months and be in good standing with Priority Staffing.  Referral eligibility expires after 365 days of referral.
// Payment Details //
eGift cards will be issued via email provided at the time of referral, to the referee email on the referral form, within 15 days of the completed 250 hours, eligibility review, and submission of required paperwork.
You must complete and return IRS Form W-9 (and any other required documentation) to receive the referral bonus. Priority will provide all documents/forms needed.
Non-employee referrals are paid pre-tax from Priority. You are solely responsible for paying appropriate state and federal taxes on any payment received.

// Rules & Regulations //
    • Referrals submitted any way other than this form, that do not include all of the required information or that are not properly identified, will NOT be eligible for this program.
    • In the event of duplicate submissions, payment will be made to the individual who first referred the candidate.  The timestamp in this form will dictate eligibility of the first referrer.
    • Priority has the sole discretion to determine violations of or ineligibility under program rules.  Decisions are final.
    • Individuals may be permanently ineligible from future referral bonuses for violations of program rules, or for any other reason we determine necessary.  Decisions are final.
    • The terms and conditions of this referral bonus program are subject to change or termination at any time and at Priority’s sole discretion.
    • We do not limit the number of referral bonuses a referrer can receive.
    • By submitting a referral you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined by this program.

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