Tax-Free Weekend is a great time to update your workwear whether you are getting ready for potential job interviews, returning to the office after working remotely for a while, or just want something new! Here’s what you need to know to prepare for Virginia’s Tax-Free Weekend. 

When is Tax-Free Weekend in Virginia? 

This year, the 3-day Tax-Free Weekend is from August 6-8, 2021. 

What can you buy Tax-Free? 

Qualifying school supplies, clothing, footwear, hurricane and emergency preparedness items, and Energy Star and WaterSense products.**

What workwear items should I buy? 

Here is a quick guide to help you decide what to look for this Tax-Free Weekend in order to best present yourself depending on the dress code in your work environment. 

Casual Attire —

It is always important to present yourself in a clean and professional manner, even in a casual business setting. Examples of tops worn in casual business environments include items like button down shirts, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, polos, and dress shirts. When choosing t-shirts to wear in a casual office environment, it is best to avoid any clothing with profanity or offensive imagery or phrases. Casual business bottom examples include items like nice jeans, skirts, cropped pants, khaki pants and trousers. Shoes in a casual business environment could be nice sneakers, heels, low heels, flats, sandals, wedges, boots, and loafers. 

Tip: Accessorizing with a nice blazer, cardigan, tie, or piece of jewelry for meetings or interviews is a great way to elevate your outfit, show that you care about your appearance, and make you look more professional in the workplace. 

Business Casual — 

Business casual is a mash of casual business attire and business professional attire. This is the most common office attire, as well as, the most appropriate way to dress for interviews, client meetings, and if you are unsure about the dress code in an office setting. Tops for business casual settings include items like blouses, button-downs, blazers, sweaters, and polos. Business casual bottom examples include items such as pencil skirts, khakis, slacks, and trousers. Shoes in a business casual setting include closed-toe shoes such as flats, low heels, heels, loafers, boots, and mules. 

Tip: Adding a belt, tie, jewelry, or scarf can elevate the look and make it more professional.

Business Professional —

Business Professional Attire is common in industries like accounting, banking and finance and in government or political offices. This strict dress code requires clothes to be clean, and tailored or well-fitted. Business professional tops include items such as a button-down shirt with blazer and tie, or blouses with a blazer. Examples of bottoms worn with business professional attire are suit pants, pencil skirts, dress pants, and slacks. Business professional shoes should be closed-toe and may include loafers, nice flats, heels, and oxfords. Heels should be no higher than three inches. 

Tip: When accessorizing business professional attire, keeping jewelry and other items minimal and simple is best, as well as avoiding bright colors and busy patterns.

We hope this helps, happy shopping! 

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